Root Chakra Aura Mist

Root Chakra Aura Mist

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Root chakra energy blend is handcrafted with distilled water free from impurities we charge all our water in the full moons each month with added crystal Elixirs and essential oils to create high vibrational blends.


Spray above your head and all around your auric field close your eyes be still take some mindful breaths inhaling the aroma this sends messages to your limbic system, which is in charge of controlling emotions and affecting the nervous system.


Alternatively you can use this spray to change the energy in your room or environment it’s perfect for energy and divination work. Or just keep it on your desk at work or at home for some self love and self care.

The blend (Essential oils)                              
Patchouli, Cedar Wood, Sandal Wood .  

The elixir ( crystal water )                                    
Red Jasper  



The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine it’s associated with our feelings of safety and security, both physical and metaphorical.

Under active ❤️
Signs of a under active root chakra are lack of motivation , compulsive shopping, material obsession, lack of apatite, feelings of insecurity and being disconnected with the outside world.

Overactive ❤️
Signs of a overactive root chakra living in fear, Anxiety, panic attacks, easily annoyed, quick to anger, over eating and depression.

Balanced ❤️
When the Root Chakra is balanced and functioning properly, you feel grounded, secure and at peace with the world.

Im safe. Im grounded... ❤️