Crown Chakra Aura Mist

Crown Chakra Aura Mist

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Crown chakra energy blend is handcrafted with distilled water free from impurities we charge all our water in the full moons each month with added crystal Elixirs and essential oils to create high vibrational blends.


Spray above your head and all around your auric field close your eyes be still take some mindful breaths inhaling the aroma this sends messages to your limbic system, which is in charge of controlling emotions and affecting the nervous system.


Alternatively you can use this spray to change the energy in your room or environment it’s perfect for energy and divination work. Or just keep it on your desk at work or at home for some self love and self care.

The blend (Essential oils)                                                    Lime, Cedar Wood, Lavender and Sandal Wood .


The elixir ( crystal water )                                             Clear Quartz 



The crown is sat at the top of our head like a crown it gives us access to higher states of consciousness.  When our mind body and soul aligns the crown will open and we can access the divine and develop our spiritual gifts .


Under active 🤍


When the crown is under active we don’t know who we are ! Why we are here and what we believe in. The feeling of detachment from ourselves and in our relationships is linked to the crown unbalance . We may find it hard to trust or believe in anything.


Overactive 🤍


A clear sign of an over active crown can be egotistical behaviour the need for materialistic and superficial belongings, never feeling satisfied with life and always wanting more. Self destruction, depression and negative thoughts are also a sign of an imbalance in our crown.


Balanced 🤍


When our crown chakra is balanced we have a sense of knowing that there is a deeper meaning to life. We live in the present moment we enjoy our life and are full of love and compassion. We are aware and awake. .

 I’m open. I’m divine. 🤍